Angel Eyes3:55
Bad Blood Trouble Brewing3:54
Communication: I Need You4:58
Crazy Linda4:13
Dark Side Of Your Soul4:28
I'm Not Leaving It Up To You8:37
Keep On Driving7:55
No Destination4:17
Sherry Moon Tonight3:07
So Hard7:12
Step Closer To Me2:52
This Wood and Wire3:51

Around & Around3:34
Counting On You4:18
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood8:11
Something's Got A Hold On Me3:44
To Love Somebody5:02
Walkin' The Dog3:32


Communication: I Need You

By Jp Stanco


Andy Esposito:  Big booming badass bass, vocals
Bob Kirzl:  12-string, vocals
Gary Nielsen:  Lead guitar, vocals
Jamie Stanco:  Lead vocals, harmonica, guitar
Adam Strickland:  Drums baby drums


I don’t care about the things that are on your mind I don’t care about the baggage you’ve left behind All I care about is what I see And baby what I’m seeing is you I don’t know just what I’m a-gonna do CC-Communication… HH-healing situation… U-use your imagination I need you I don’t make small talk in the night I don’t care what celebrity goes left or right Living life is paramount And I’m looking to live it with you I’m gonna make all your dreams come true CC-cause I need you baby…N-need your biscuits and gravy…C-cause I bleed for you baby I need you I got a dream in my irises brighter than the sun I could laugh I could cry but I’m out to have me some fun I want to play the song of life Want to play it in the key of you Curtain’s rising so what you want to do? DD-day is dawning…TT-time for re-drawing…BB-beyond the morning I need you