Angel Eyes3:55
Bad Blood Trouble Brewing3:54
Communication: I Need You4:58
Crazy Linda4:13
Dark Side Of Your Soul4:28
I'm Not Leaving It Up To You8:37
Keep On Driving7:55
No Destination4:17
Sherry Moon Tonight3:07
So Hard7:12
Step Closer To Me2:52
This Wood and Wire3:51

Around & Around3:34
Counting On You4:18
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood8:11
Something's Got A Hold On Me3:44
To Love Somebody5:02
Walkin' The Dog3:32


Crazy Linda

By JP Stanco Zipping from The Big Apple to the Land Of Enchantment in a heartbeat. Or was it?


Andy Esposito:  Bass, vocals
Bob Kirzl:  12- and 6-string guitars, vocals
Mike Phillips:  Lead guitar, vocals
Jamie Stanco:  Lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Adam Strickland:  Drums, keyboard


Someone forgot to tell me What time the train is leaving What time the station’s closing what day it is tonight Crazy Linda’s picking up cans stuffing them in her van Can’t convince her the world’s not ending today or tonight Driving like two maniacs Kerouac in a rattletrap Running on fumes and a prayer all day and all night Got a thousand miles to go Before we get to New Mexico Guess I’m sleeping in the back seat again…tonight Linda says when your tank is empty That’s the end of the road When your tank is empty honey There’s no place left to go Guess I’ll believe myself You know I can see myself Washing plates for 10 bucks off the books today and tonight Crazy Linda just doesn’t care If we don’t have a dime to spare Just driving keeps her going all night…every night Linda says when your tank is empty That’s the end of the road Well our tank ain’t quite empty There’s a lot of road left to go There’s a lot of road left to go