Angel Eyes3:55
Bad Blood Trouble Brewing3:54
Communication: I Need You4:58
Crazy Linda4:13
Dark Side Of Your Soul4:28
I'm Not Leaving It Up To You8:37
Keep On Driving7:55
No Destination4:17
Sherry Moon Tonight3:07
So Hard7:12
Step Closer To Me2:52
This Wood and Wire3:51

Around & Around3:34
Counting On You4:18
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood8:11
Something's Got A Hold On Me3:44
To Love Somebody5:02
Walkin' The Dog3:32


Angel Eyes

By JP Stanco


Andy Esposito:  Bass, vocals
Bob Kirzl:  12- and 6-string guitars, vocals
Mike Phillips:  Lead guitar, vocals
Jamie Stanco:  Lead vocals, guitar, harmonica
Adam Strickland:  Drums, keyboard


There was a time…oh I know When life rhymed and it flowed And like a sign it pointed the way. So I sauntered and I sailed I was haunted and I was jailed I proclaimed the new age about every other day. Time’s not the only thing that flies I can’t stick around but I really tried My feet are on the ground But my head’s still in the skies…angel eyes In the skies… angel eyes. People exchange their days Life’s so strange in that way So I rearranged my haze To get me some perspective. I explored near and far I ignored my star I got bored with life in retrospective. Today’s just a flash of tomorrow I meant goodbye when I said hello My feet are on the ground but my head’s still in the skies Angel eyes in the skies angel eyes.