Angel Eyes3:55
Bad Blood Trouble Brewing3:54
Communication: I Need You4:58
Crazy Linda4:13
Dark Side Of Your Soul4:28
I'm Not Leaving It Up To You8:37
Keep On Driving7:55
No Destination4:17
Sherry Moon Tonight3:07
So Hard7:12
Step Closer To Me2:52
This Wood and Wire3:51

Around & Around3:34
Counting On You4:18
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood8:11
Something's Got A Hold On Me3:44
To Love Somebody5:02
Walkin' The Dog3:32


Keep On Driving

By JP Stanco Zoom zoom zoom from New York to California. Frenetic paced pulsating cross country vanishing point with a speeding hitchhiker who never shuts up. Badger and The Breeze trade off licks. Mr. Commissioner?「どィび「s vocal observations recall the effects of the miles.


Andy Esposito:  Bass, vocals, blatherings
Bob Kirzl:  12-string guitar, vocals
Gary Nielsen:  Guitar
Mike Phillips:  Guitar
Jamie Stanco:  Lead vocal, guitar
Adam Strickland:  Drums


Traveling on?「どィャカbeen making good time just so you know. Roadside diner looks great long as you?「どィび「re buying. Satchel Paige say?「どィャカdon?「どィび「t look back something might be gainin?「どィび「 on you. My my my my my?「どィャカloosin?「どィび「 your lip all night?「どィャカI just keep on driving. Oh yeah I just keep on driving. Roadside signs flying by big & weathered, green & blurred. Heart thumpin piston pumpin 2 wheels round Devil?「どィび「s Curve. Turn up the radio try to tune you out but it ain?「どィび「t no use. Why why why why why?「どィャカyou keep gabbing thru the night. I just keep on driving. Oh yeah I just keep on driving. Skyline Drive?「どィャカheard your life story beginning to end. My ears will be exploding before we hit the Mississippi. Carlsbad Caverns yeah?「どィャカI know every fantasy you ever had. Try try try try try don?「どィび「t you sleep day or night? I just keep on driving. Oh yeah I just keep on driving. No more coffee for you?「どィャカor you?「どィび「re hitching w. someone else. I was doing just fine?「どィャカdriving by myself. Painted Desert yeah?「どィャカI?「どィび「ll never hear out of my right ear again. Fly fly fly fly fly?「どィャカuntil we get to Riverside. I just keep on driving. Oh yeah I just keep on driving.