Angel Eyes3:55
Bad Blood Trouble Brewing3:54
Communication: I Need You4:58
Crazy Linda4:13
Dark Side Of Your Soul4:28
I'm Not Leaving It Up To You8:37
Keep On Driving7:55
No Destination4:17
Sherry Moon Tonight3:07
So Hard7:12
Step Closer To Me2:52
This Wood and Wire3:51

Around & Around3:34
Counting On You4:18
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood8:11
Something's Got A Hold On Me3:44
To Love Somebody5:02
Walkin' The Dog3:32


So Hard

By A Esposito Blue blue blue laid back blues straight from the Long Island delta. Three Beta Blockers trade off on lead vocals. Badger?「どィび「s naughty guitar phrasing and The Professor?「どィび「s harp bend the rules. The Battery?「どィび「s relentless beat and B-12?「どィび「s solid man-solid-guitar back it up like the 150 year old heir to tradition the song really is. And the Commissioner finishes off his own number with a belting vocal. So hard to write a love song when you?「どィび「re not in love.


Andy Esposito:  Bass, vocals
Bob Kirzl:  12-string guitar
Gary Nielsen:  Lead guitar, vocals
Jamie Stanco:  Guitar, vocals, blues harp
Adam Strickland:  Drums