ANDY ESPOSITO - Bass, Vocals, Songwriting

Unanimously convicted Sportswriter of the Year by a jury of his peers and equals for his New York Mets writing, The Beta Blockers are convinced that Andy really is the Commissioner of Baseball in disguise. The beloved Bottom Line bass man is a noted trivia expert (sports, TV, movies, westerns, old time comedians, you name it) and official baseballologist. In fact Andy led the league in batting average, names proposed for the band, walks (bass walks of course), and runs (bass runs of course). The author of "It's So Hard", The Commissioner is a collector of collections. On the lam since he won the Cy O'Nara Award for most latenesses at band practice, the erstwhile whistler is much maligned for his confusing arrangement of "Every Dog Has His Day." As our resident food expert he often shows up (late) at practice with tote bags full of exotic brands of edibles generally accompanied by arcane references to the Marx Brothers, Soupy Sales and old western heroes.

IN REALITY... Andy is the proprietor of his own business and a long time writer for none other than the Amazing Mets of Flushing Meadow, New York.

CHIEF MUSICAL INFLUENCES include: Procol Harum, Tower of Power, Vanilla Fudge, Blood Sweat & Tears, Curly, Larry, Moe and Mickey Willie & The Duke.

In his spare time, Andy still collects baseball cards and comic books, dreams of joining The Federation as a crew member of the Star Ship Enterprise, has been medically documented with a terminal case of Peter Pan Syndrome, and claims to have once had lunch with Mickey Mantle.  And Mantle paid!

BOB KIRZL - 12- String Guitar, Vocals

He of the missing vowel is known as B-12 because he plays the 12-string guitar and has 6 fingers on each hand, a charge he vehemently denies. "Lemme see. Six toes, yes, six fingers, no". The twist is that he doesn't count the two thumbs he has on each hand as fingers. Kirzl claims to have the world's largest collect of dust bunnies amidst his 1950's malt shop style basement train set layout. An engineer by trade, he steadfastly refuses to handle any of the band's wiring, contending that if Tesla had intended instruments to be electrified, he would have done so before he died, or possibly shortly thereafter. B-12 leads the band in SPG (Strings Per Guitar) and is unique amongst the band members because he is the only one with a Z in his name.

IN REALITY... Bob really is an engineer with a local fiber optics firm.

CHIEF MUSICAL INFLUENCES include: The Beatles, Bo Deitl, Bo Diddley and Bo Jackson.

Bob has four calling birds, three French hens, two turtle doves and a patriarchal partridge named Pere Tree.

GARY NIELSEN - Lead Guitar, Vocals, Songwriting

BADGER came to The Beta Blockers from an engagement at the Wildwood Inn, where he performed roots music on homemade instruments with his colleagues, Rat and Mole, as The Willows. He remembers fondly the smell of his red transistor radio, humming away next to his bed just before it caught fire and burned his parents' house down.  A nice memory. 

He remembers meeting Dave Von Ronk and wondering how someone with hands that big could ever play the guitar.  And then he saw the guitar.

He remembers losing his argument to simply name the band The Ravens, or 49 North, or For What It's Worth.....

IN REALITY... Gary is a practicing lawyer, appearing often in venues across the state, a devoted husband, and the father of two rather nice kids. He has a lifelong interest in literary fiction, is a bona fide member of Phi Beta Kappa (hence the "Beta" in "The Beta Blockers"), and was a recipient of the A. Jeffrey Weinper Memorial Award in Creative Writing.  Gary has been writing original songs (some of which occasionally find their way into the Beta Blocker Songbook) for years,and some of them can be heard at

CHIEF MUSICAL INFLUENCES include: Roy Acuff, Bob Dylan, Ricky Nelson, James Burton, Elvis, Giacomo Puccini, Curtis Mayfield, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Dionne Warwick, Kevin Gordon, The King James Bible and the Tone Deaf Fogies.

In his spare time (as though he had spare time) Gary enjoys vacuuming, kayaking, the opera, the musical theater, dining out with his missus, staying home with his missus, and making guacamole.

MIKE PHILLIPS - Lead Guitar, Vocals

"THE BREEZE" blew in not long ago to give the Beta Blockers a rockin' new sound with his lightning-quick guitar riffs and a deep knowledge of rock and roll history at his fingertips.

Having played from coast to coast – recent gigs include appearances in Orlando, Los Angeles, and Viva Las Vegas (really! It's true!), the guitarist with a million nicknames – "Breeze," "Philly," and "Mikey Likes It" among them, and in some circles is known as "The Pie," (Why? We don't know and don't care!) - the Long Island native (they still have natives on Long Island?) has also been seen tooling around in vintage automobiles, and wants to be buried behind the wheel of a '51 Hudson. (Where's that shovel?) A longtime fishing friend of Chester McGonigle, The Breeze is also an old hunting buddy with Mr. E. Fudd. (Shhh! They like to hunt for Wabbits! Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!)

IN REALITY... Mike is in a sound business, the sound business, and that sounds good to us. As the owner of his own music equipment marketing firm, he can tell you and sell you just about every piece of equipment we use on the stage, so if anything breaks, blame Mikey!

CHIEF MUSICAL INFLUENCES include: Every guitarist who ever played a six-string, from Les, and Eric, and Jimi, and Carlos, and Duane, and BB, and Albert, and Buddy, and Keith, and what was the name of that guy in the The Electric Prunes? Oh yeah, Prune Danish.

JAMIE STANCO - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Songwriting

Known as THE PROFESSOR or DOC, Jamie is a self-professed and long-winded history buff, hence his nickname. (Don't ask about the Battle of Hastings or any historical event for that matter).  He is a true PhD (Piled Higher & Deeper). The Professor enjoys thin crust pizza with olives and onions (fine, but for breakfast, lunch and dinner?). He can recite the US presidents backwards and forwards and is the originator of Stanco's 12 laws of History.  (Like I said, don't ask).  Completely self taught at most things including guitars and golf.  Having grown up in the right place on the wrong side of the tracks, he learned to play harmonica listening to an old Super Session LP on a wobbly turntable in some forgotten section of Charleston, West Virginia. A blues lover in his dotage, Doc is a diverse author (a marketing strategy book, screen play, swords and sorcery and other novels) as well as a songwriter all conveniently rolled into one and might confess to being a chocoholic or baseballholic if provoked.  Then again he might not.

IN REALITY... Jamie is the President and CEO of a Long Island-based strategic marketing firm.

CHIEF MUSICAL INFLUENCES include: Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, Peter & The Wolf and Wolfman Jack.

Jamie is an avid numismatist.

ADAM STRICKLAND - Drums & Percussion

AKA THE BATTERY, Adam is known by his many nicknames including Sticks, Stixie, The Flame, The Quiet Psycho and Admiral. The Battery was born in Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi as his mother was in labor delivering as they sped across the states after robbing the Slidell Louisiana Trust by waving a crawfish painted black and disguised as a .44 magnum (It was a big crawfish). A hands-on craftsman who can build anything using only a dozen 2 X 4s and a bag of three-penny nails, he's a natural competitor. Adam can hurl tennis rackets and pitching wedges with equal dexterity, getting good distance in the bargain, though the racket goes further.

IN REALITY... Adam is an award-winning Art Director and designer when clients allow him to exercise his considerable talents.

CHIEF MUSICAL INFLUENCES include: Ringo Starr, Richard Starkey, Ginger Baker and Ginger Snaps.

Adam gets excited watching corn grow.